Thriller writer Ian Slater lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is married and has two children. Born in Australia in 1941, he has worked for the Australian navy, as a cipher clerk in that country’s Department of External Affairs, and as a defense officer for Australian Joint Intelligence Bureau. After leaving Australia, he became a marine geology technician with New Zealand’s institute of Oceanography, undertaking many voyages in the southwest Pacific and Sub Antarctic, and later in the northeaster Pacific for the Institute of Oceanography at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In 1977 he earned his Doctor of Philosophy in political science and, as author and lecturer, has taught a wide variety of course in the humanities.

He is the author of twenty-three adventure thrillers, which include his best-selling FIRESPILL; SEA GOLD; AIR GLOW RED; STORM; DEEP CHILL; FORBIDDEN ZONE; MACARTHUR MUST DIE; SHOWDOWN; BATTLE FRONT; MANHUNT; eleven stand-alone books of the WORLD WAR III series, including his latest novel WW III DARPA ALPHA. His non-fiction book ORWELL: THE ROAD TO AIRSTRIP ONE, a study of George Orwell’s social and political thought, has been acclaimed from the Times Literary Supplement to the Washington Post, which wrote, “It is doubtful that any book provides a better foundation for a full understanding of Orwell’s unique and troubling vision.” ABC Book World states, "In Slater's revised version, his new preface contains a true story that Slater was part of and which is at once so moving about the power of one good, brave man and the power of literature to change events that it alone is worth the price of the book." Dr. Slater served as editor of the academic quarterly Pacific Affairs for twelve years, and has written book reviews for major North American newspapers as well as being a film critic and a writer of radio dramas and short stories for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also wrote the screenplay for the National Film Board’s animated film, “Flash Point.”

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